Georgia Pecans Lower the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

Q: I know that eating nuts can help lower cholesterol, but can they also lower levels of other compounds found in the blood that increase risk of coronary heart disease?

A: Yes. Several studies have recently found that eating nuts regularly is associated with lower levels of compounds in the blood linked to inflammation, such as C-reactive protein, interleukin-6 and fibrinogen. Inflammation can have an unhealthy effect on blood vessels, leading to heart disease. The unique composition of nuts, including Georgia Pecans, includes natural antioxidant compounds that have anti-inflammatory effects on blood vessels. Among these antioxidant compounds are monounsaturated fats (pecans are one of the richest sources compared to other nuts), the B vitamin folate, alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E), plant sterols (which also lower cholesterol) and magnesium. These compounds may work together as a complex antioxidant network that, together, have an antioxidant capacity that is greater than any of the compounds would have on their own.

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