Georgia Pecans actually help you lose weight

Q: You have said before that it is a good idea to include Georgia Pecans in a weight-loss diet plan, but can they actually help you lose weight?

A: No. Nuts will not make you lose weight, but they will not make you gain weight either. And that is important. In fact, maintaining a healthy weight, once you have lost weight, is even more important than losing all that weight in the first place. Studies suggest that yo-yo dieting (when weight is repeatedly lost and regained) can be especially detrimental to your health. Any diet changes or additions that make it easier for you to maintain your weight loss are positive steps for good health.

A group of Finnish researchers conducted a major review of several studies from around the world published since 2000 and found that greater intakes of dietary nuts and dietary fiber actually protected against weight gain and obesity over time. A high intake of refined grains, sweets and desserts, on the other hand, were linked to weight gain. While Georgia Pecans fit nicely in your diet when you are trying to shed pounds, they also deserve a place in your weight-maintenance eating plan.

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