Eating Pecans and Tree Nuts During Pregancy

Q. Will eating pecans during my pregnancy put my baby at risk for developing allergies or asthma?

A. Actually, a new study suggests just the opposite. Researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Netherlands collaborated to examine the peanut and tree nut intake of almost 62,000 women who were pregnant and then followed up with their children at 18 months and 7 years of age. Compared to women who ate no tree nuts during their pregnancy, the researchers found that the children of women who consumed tree nuts at least once a week during their pregnancies were actually less likely to develop allergic disease, including wheeziness and asthma, even up to 7 years after birth.

The reduced risk couldn’t be explained away by other lifestyle factors such as nutrient intakes, physical activity, smoking, how long the women breastfed or their socioeconomic status. They concluded that there is no reason for women without existing allergies to nuts to avoid tree nuts during pregnancy. The findings suggest eating tree nuts, like Georgia Pecans, could even be beneficial for allergies.

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