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Densie Webb, Ph.D., R.D. co-author of "The Dish on Eating Healthy and Being Fabulous!" answers questions about diets, health and pecans.

Q: Is it important that I include antioxidant-rich foods at breakfast?

A: Including antioxidant-rich foods, like Georgia Pecans, is important at every meal. But starting off the day with a dose of healthful natural ingredients like the antioxidants found in pecans, is a smart nutrition strategy. In fact, some research has suggested that by distributing antioxidant-rich foods throughout the day, your body is better able to maintain higher blood levels of these beneficial compounds. As pecans have been found to be a more concentrated source of antioxidants than almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, peanuts, pistachios or walnuts, including them at any meal can help boost your daily antioxidant intake. These naturally occurring antioxidant compounds in pecan may be the reason eating them every day has been linked to lower levels of “bad” cholesterol, known as low-density lipoproteins (LDLs).

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