recipe-journal-tn Georgia Pecans Fit! A Healthy Living Journal
with Dietitian David Grotto
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Pecans: Top Nut for Antioxidants
A USDA study finds that pecans lead the pack for antioxidants.
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Craving Healthy Comfort Cooking?
Healthy comfort cooking recipes that don’t sacrifice flavor by adding the rich taste and crunch of Georgia pecans.
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Georgia Pecans Fit! for Breakfast
Wake up to these delicious recipes to get your day started with Georgia Pecans, the nutrition powerhouse!
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Weight Maintenance
The Georgia Pecan Commission offers tips on maintaining a healthy weight without sacrificing good food.
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Summer Small Plates
Informal, practical and portion-friendly, a summer series of small plates is a sure way to make a big hit at homemade parties.
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Salad Celebrations
Showcases Georgia pecans in a variety of salad recipes perfect for a summer holiday, weekend picnic or simple outdoor get together.
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 Just a Handful a Day provides the latest health information and recipes to incorporate this versatile nut into your own healthy lifestyle.
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Feature Recipes
Turkey Tenderloin
Butternut Squash Gratin
Grapefruit Salad