Brain Food Contest Winners

The votes are in for the Georgia Pecans “Pecans: The Brain Food” Facebook Poster Contest!
Congratulations to our winners, whose artwork & creativity has earned their school $500 for each entry!

Ethan Moss & Jaden Banks
3rd grade, North Columbus Elementary,  Columbus, GA

Aiden Wright
1st Grader, River Road Elementary , Columbus, GA

Bailey Throckmorton
2nd Grade,  Colbert Elementary, Colbert, GA

Ty Mattox
3rd Grade, Colbert Elementary, Colbert, GA

Mia Merritt
4th grade, Jessup Elementary,  Jessup, GA

Ethan Kearns
4th grade, Jessup Elementary, Jessup, GA

Jade Bazan
3rd grade, Antioch Elementary, Dalton, GA

Ambree Davis
5th grade, Bleckley County Elementary, Cochran, GA

Maddie Hickman
5th grade, North Columbus Elementary, Columbus, GA

Sky Hill & Cody Fields
5th grade, Colbert Elementary, Colbert, GA

Thanks to everyone who participated and voted!

Feature Recipes
Turkey Tenderloin
Butternut Squash Gratin
Grapefruit Salad