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The Georgia Agricultural Commodity Commission for Pecans, also known as the Georgia Pecan Commission, was started on September 1, 1995 by the Georgia pecan growers. The Commission funds research, educational and promotional programs in order to increase awareness and raise demand for Georgia pecans.

In April 1996, the Commission launched a promotion and education campaign to help consumers become aware of the year-round uses of pecans.

The Georgia Pecan Commission is located in Atlanta, GA and is comprised of all Georgia pecan growers with 30 acres or more of pecan-producing farmland. A chairman oversees all activities of the Commission and the Commission Advisory Board assists with direction and counsel for the Commission. Currently, John Robison serves as the Georgia Pecan Commission Chairman and Thomas Mason is Vice Chairman.

Commodities Promotion Division
Georgia Department of Agriculture
328 Agriculture Building
Capitol Square
Atlanta, GA 30334

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Turkey Tenderloin
Butternut Squash Gratin
Grapefruit Salad